I did not wake up one morning and decide to be a Freemason.  It came to me gradually over some years.  It was the early 1800s framed Warren Lodge Masonic apron I found hanging in a hidden corner at my wife’s family summer home on Cape Cod.  It was the beautiful buildings I’d passed in my travels with the square and compasses.  I wondered about the symbols on that apron over the years and I wondered what exactly went on in those edifices with the square and compasses displayed.

Then on my 44th birthday, October 18, 2009, my wife reminded me that I told her this day was an Open House at that Lodge in Lincoln I mentioned to her.  I remember being very busy on that day with chores, errands, soccer for the kids.  I told her the day was hectic, maybe some other time.  She told me over the phone as I drove to yet another errand that “if you do not go over there now, you’ll regret it.”  She was correct of course.

I drove over to Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge in Lincoln and parked.  I looked up at this magnificent building, walked through the door into the beautiful anteroom, met with a great group of Lodge members and began my Masonic education and pursuit of the light.  I made one of the best decisions of my life.

Nine years after I knocked on the door I have made many friends, have shared great experiences, and learned that the Masonic Fraternity creates strong bonds and assists me in my education to become the best man I can be – for my family, my brothers, my community, my profession and myself.

Worshipful John Toto

Master – Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Lincoln, MA

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